What They Once Called Me

Written by: Dylan Wong

I was called Life and I gave gifts away
Till they came and asked for better pay

I was called Religion and I gave them hope
Till they came along and said they could cope

I was called Goodwill and I gave the poor time
Till they came along with smiles full of lime

I was called Knowledge and I told them to learn
Till they left the books on the bonfire to burn

I was called Imagination and I taught them to think
Till they brought the Red Flag and washed me down the sink

I was called Purity and I told them their scope
Till they gave into their loins and learned how to grope

I was called Pain and from me they learned Fear
Till they detained and tortured without shedding a tear

I was called Evil and I gave them choice
Till they turned to me and adorned me with poise.

I was called Death and I brought them on
Till they forgot and labelled me Demon's Spawn

I was their God, and now I am dead
Surely they don't seem like they want me instead?