Please Do

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                   The touch of your hand,
                                                   is oh, so grand;
                                                   the kiss from your lips,
                                                   thrill me to finger tips;
                                                   the look in your eyes,
                                                   is brighter than skies;
                                                   your gentle smile, 
                                                   thrills me a while;
                                                   the sound of your voice,
                                                   makes me rejoice;
                                                   everything you do, 
                                                   gets me loving you;
                                                   all that you say, 
                                                   just makes my day;
                                                   your gentle touch,
                                                   I love it so much;
                                                   just talk to me,
                                                   don't set my heart free;
                                                   always in my life, 
                                                   please be my wife.