Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                       What is it, that makes me want to love you,
                                       could it be because your love is so true;
                                       maybe the depth of your deep brown eyes,
                                       or perhaps the sound of your loving sighs;
                                       could be the beauty of your sensual smile,
                                       or the personality you carry all the while;
                                       of course there is your wit and great humor,
                                       that grows on my like a cancerous tumor;
                                       then your heart is so warm and always giving,
                                       you become my one and only reason for living;
                                       all of your warmth and all of your beauty,
                                       keep my love for you alive and my only duty;
                                       though it isn't a duty as much as a pleasure,
                                       but something I'll always keep and treasure.