Written by: Valerie Sherman

Dear Santa,

Christmas is coming, the goose is already getting fat
Yes, I've already put a penny in the old mans hat.
I hear the sleigh bells ringing gee I hope they do last
I've been better this year,much more.. than Christmas past.
Last year I got a dollie that did nothinig but simply walk
But, I hear you have one -that eats, poops, and even talks.
My grades were good Santa B's, C's and even one D....
Wait!  That was the day that someone was picking on me!
Talk about bad, see that was my neighbors son Johnny
Got a minute Santa? Let me tell you, this is really funny!
He put a bunch of gum in his sisters cats long hair-
They cut it it' an alien from way up there!
While playing he closed their screen thought I wouldn't see
But, I went the other way..was his mom instead of me.
He lit scare Ms. Jones our new teacher
Mom said "he was possessed" called in his preacher!
Anyway Santa thought I would help you to see
Some have been bad this year But, it wasn't me.
Now that I've filled you in and given you the scoop..
Please don't forget my doll the one that will eat and poop.
Thank you