A Japanese Garden

Written by: Ian Howard

I found a garden waiting for me
Laid out as my life should be
The reality became quite blurred
In the garden a flock of birds

Showing me what things were for
I asked them to fly or show me more
All but one took to the air
To move one grain here wasn't fair

The Toki stood just to one side
In perfection nothing to hide
It told me of stories from overseas
Could you talk of me? I asked it "please"?

Your journey here is plain to see
I am not real, I live in eternity
Please hold my mind for all that be
Call my friends to walk and visit me

Toki called my friends from everywhere
As birds a noisy flock they appeared
Footprints again from those that cared
Why do they come, to visit and share?

The Toki seemed to laugh at my plight
Stay, Oh Stay, please don't take flight
At this he shook as if laughing so
You take your friends where ever you go

Then let them see the things I see
The peace here and other places that be
This garden will focus their minds
On the inside that always shines

At this the footprints in the sand
Beautiful shapes from other lands
I was awestruck at the ones I could see
Prints left in white sand by you and me

We whispered of all the things we knew
Then of hurts and fears filling us anew
There in the garden it was safe you see
There to tell all of the things that be

This was a glimpse the Toki said
Of eternity and the things we dread
Once you have faced all these fears
Love is there for the rest of your years

Remember that all you have to do
In the future to talk, with me or you
Is to think of us as free spirits all
Just whisper my name no need to call