Let the Life roll

Written by: Ankita Singhal

Let the life roll;
uphill or downhill;
never frown;
Let the life roll;
in altruism of a friend;
in blessings of divine;
in caricature of fun;
in divinity of oneness;
in elation of an opulence;
in fathoms of wisdom;
in giggles of an innocent heart;
in harbingers of a peace;
in an innocence of a child;
in jubilation's of being a human;
in kinship of humanity;
in lavishness of thoughts;
in maelstrom of possibilities;
in naiveness of a traveller;
in a ocean of forgiveness;
in peacefulness of an ocean;
in the quest of a wanderer;
in restlessness of a dreamer;
in serendipity of events;
in tranquility of a mother;
in unification of souls;
in virtuosity of nature;
in waning of boundaries;
in xylophone of love;
in yielding of sorrows;
in a zeal to live;
Let the life roll;
uphill or downhill;
never frown :)