A Sickend World

Written by: Leanne Perks

 Sometimes we feel sad in this world 
as at times it can seem there is no way
for us to go, we need to keep our hopes 
alive with a bright, shining glow and aglimmer
so to keep our hopes light and not to grow
dimmer through earths dark night.

It makes you wonder how we cope with todays
problems and troubles are rife and it makes 
for a rather difficult life. 

How do some get through the most terrible times 
how do they bear their distressing grief and
sadness such as those what are taking place 
these days right before our very face.

It makes my blood boil and brings disgrace
to the human race what is sadly 
getting more common.  If you are wondering
what I'm talking of it is the stabbings,killings of
people's own children and babies how can they 
even consider their precious childs life it is 
something they should love and cherish not
to kill them and leave them to perish.

It deeply saddens me to see the state of 
parents who belittle and berate their children
poor,defensless children who need love and affection
not the pain,and affliction that they recieve,
it is shocking what is happening and it seems
more often than not that it is occuring and
that brings tragic conseqences and heart-ache for
the remaining family members it breaks families up and
they loose trust and within a family that is a must.