Hate the Time When You Came

Written by: Akash Yadav

I keep thinking often:
How you gave me company
When I needed one most;
Friendship came, when you 
There was bliss, fondness and 
It was light when you stood-
I was happy--the world stood 
with me...

Then you changed...
I was baffled...
I didn't know how to react;
All this while when you 
ceased to speak with me
I tried to make my 
With the new you...

I never was disregarding--
Only needed you to 
And wanted to understand 
only you...
The World hated me when I 
tried to do so:
I didn't realize,
When that for your 
consideration I worked,
I disregarded the world
And you disregarded me...

Not very long ago, times 
Some things changed again--
Somehow your hatred for me 
Though not of your own 
You had almost deserted me, 
but came back;
Once again, I don't know why 
I found hope...

But then, when I most 
needed you,
You left a second time,
Leaving me maimed--
My life ruined--
You left me changed,
And now I despise you....