What Did You Get

Written by: Tony Lane

By ten A. M. the presents had all been opened and breakfast had been served, But there was still one more tradition of the holiday that needed to be observed. Every kid on the block had to meet outside to see what gifts each one got. Did they get the bike that they had wanted did they get the mechanized robot? What’d ya git? Was the question asked while trying just to see, Did they each find their heart’s desire underneath their Christmas tree? Tamera got an Easy Bake oven for Tony a basketball, Tina got a baby doll that cries But listen that’s not all. Matt got a GI Joe with a Jeep and lots of army stuff, Then he got an entire Hot Wheels set and that should be enough. But then he got a chemistry set and a radio that runs by transistor, And that’s not even counting the loot that Santa brought to his older sister. Why is it that Santa would bring so much to the rich kids on the block? Evidently the redistribution of wealth was an ideology in which Santa took little stock. Then we all had to go back inside our homes because the grandparents were on their way, But we had already broken the GI Joe And set his Jeep on fire anyway.
After I read this one I thought that it sounded kind of mean. The names and cases here in this poem are factual. It was Matt's idea to blow up his GI Joe and set fire to his Jeep not ours. Ah, rich kids.