errently errent FREE CEE

Written by: jeffry cohan


There once be a pair
They met in a park
In the darkness of despair
And suddenly a spark

But an errant flame this would be
Alas, a lady’s lad and a lovely lass
‘twas on a night two wouldst agree
Each to decree and agree to walk on hot rocks and glass

Oh the sharpened shale of depth be its goal
Leaving their blood as a trail leading to nowhere
And oh the innocence illicit illustrations stole
Yet neither made naked their better judgment nor fear

Each pair of eyes focused on a flickering lamp
Yet minds beset by a "should or shouldn’t they?"
        And there midst a misty eve so damp
Was a nighttime which would earnestly earn its pay

And so they rose to stroll somewhere both knew little of
by blindness and bastardized belittlement the two were spurred 
No, this kinship was not based on everlasting love
But rather both died of dope is the story I heard 
          © 2011.….poefree