I Will not dance because it is the same old song

Written by: jeffry cohan


Walk a high wire
Walk on the third rail
Walk on  fire
And I’ll explain all this with one short tale

I thought for sure it wouldn’t get me
I would get it and I got it for sure
You wouldn’t recognize me if you met me
Because I’ve the wounds of a disease no one can cure

There’s about ten thousand things I’d rather do
Then to find and lose a lovely lady like you
I’d rather be caged with a tiger in the zoo
As slowly my disease progressed and grew

So here sit I on the subway steps a victim of what I sought
Never did I think this could happen to me and hurt so very many
Then by a thin tiny needle was I trapped and thusly caught
And no one would believe my story if I revealed my thoughts for a  penny

If it was worth any money I’d throttle and choke a cute little rabbit
And when I see an old lady with a diamond I nab it
If a man in a wheel chair is counting his cash I just grab it
Because these are the things a diseased man does every day to sustain his dope habit

Being caught in a bear trap
Watch my brother die and  I not care
Find hell with a well coursed map
But kick a habit like this I do not dare
   © 2011.….Phreepoetree  ~free cee!~