a set of electric pains by FREE CEE

Written by: jeffry cohan

There have been songs, poems and discussions ad infinitum on this subject, here’s my attempt at being whatever the rest of you are and I ain’t


They told me this would happen
But surely not to me
They said there are certain things life cannot abide
And one of those facts doesn’t come for free

We would go places and they would all remark
As I thanked God for what they were looking at
But no matter how I prayed, beseeched and I begged
Right beside me on ghostl chair is where my future sat

Everything was the best, everything was great
Everything was everything I ever wanted all in one
One very little package but prized more than gold
And I remember when I could still use the word “fun”

Now when I say the word “fun  it seems strange and aloof
And I suppose it’s the same thing with the word “joy”  
It’s difficult to talk in terms of things you miss so
Like little Frannie in fourth grade and my favorite toy

I tried to avoid accepting what every one else expected
I tried to turn a “cannot” into a “can be” for me
Then one night as I went to turn off the light
Even though it was dark I still could easily see

It was something I tried to ward off for so many years
But with surety in reality there are things a mere mortal can’t delay
Suddenly electric trains and baseball cards became things of the past
Because they can’t stay little forever and my baby leaves for college today
     © 2011.….Phreepoetree free cee!~