before they all burst out

Written by: Maya Kaabour

They said that love was for creepers.

People who spend too much on booze
and praise saxophone blues. 
Bodies aching for a warm touch-
waltzing alone in a room filled with people.

And love impairs your senses
makes you see the best in people. 
It makes assholes look like heroes.

And love lessens your concentration
or intensifies it.
She only noticed his limp
after their fifth date.
And he was infatuated by her lisp
from the first day they met.

And I'm not a poet, when it comes to expressing myself.
So these words have stacked themselves
to the ceiling of my mouth
and I want to kiss you-
gently and sweetly
before they all burst out. 

I'm love drunk.
and I slur and er at all the witnesses in this bar.

And they said that love was overrated-
and those three words were overstated.
But here I am serenading you,
my tears are bubbling in my champagne glass
this New Year's eve.

I now wear my heart on my sleeve
A new cuff-link that beats 
and aches
and bleeds
whenever our hands meet. 

I've forgotten the burden of being alone
and the pain of being stoned at home
when it's two in the morning and no one calls.

These words are all I can give you
so kiss me slow and kiss me smooth
before these words find a way to elude
this crazy mind of mine.