An Ordinary Student's life

Written by: samrat sikri

Before reading this, just think about Whether you want to read this, or you have a doubt Because most of us are going through this phase Which seems to be like an unsolved maze Most failures compare this to a sharp knife They ask, ‘what the hell is going on in their life’ The toppers go on in the life’s flow In their whole life, they never find themselves low There’s one more category Of students who are known as ordinary Some think, they don’t have power in their fist But the reality is, they rarely exist I can proudly say that I’m one of them If I fail to succeed, I don’t give a damn We are the species who love to experiment With our life, even if it leads a dent We forget about the past as it can’t be mend If we make mistakes, for ourselves, we do not defend It’s just like a one side hot and one side sharp knife And this I call as an ordinary student’s life