Samson and Delilah

Written by: elizabeth wesley

Yesterday with its yearnings and sorrow
With shadows and sunbeams at length;
Have gone where the fears of tomorrow
Took a man whose conceit was his strength.

His transient raptures brought shame
From the temptress that ravished his soul;
Taking strength and tarnished his name
From the power he had that she stole.

Sleep on in the arms that still hold you
Let your eyes not shed all their tears;
For the hand that caressed has now sold you
To the sad treachery of defiant shears.

The Philistine put out his eyes
He was bound in fetters and chains;
The darkness that brought him captivity
Took the blood that flowed in his veins.

For the ransom of a corrupt Aphrodite
When strength was extinguished by desire;
The pillars are destroyed by the mighty
While his glory has perished in fire.