Written by: Sahitya Poonacha

Life is an illusion
Of happiness and joy
We all live a misconception
A fine act of deception

None of us are alright
But we insist we are
It's a constant fight
But we never come clear with our plight

We live a lie
Saying we're fine
When we want to cry
And even when we try 
Not to lie

To people we are happy 
Happier than them
But they don't see what we see
They're deaf to our faint plea

Every time we smile
We hide the truth
After a while
Our lies will form a pile

They say
We don't say anything
But what do they know?
What can you say?
When really you have nothing

Every time we lie it hurts inside
When we lie our guilt knows no bounds
But we have so much to hide
We are not what we are 
On the outside

We promise that one day
We'll tell them
We'll tell them one day
We'll tell them some time
That's long away
Just not now
And not today.