Daddy Nearest

Written by: Erin Nash

You have a good heart, yes
But am I just on the outline?
An outline of sarcastic jokes that are misconstrued as stern
You can’t get out the room fast enough when I succumb to sadness
and you wonder why I don’t talk you
but you never talk to me.
You are my father
but are you my dad?

I never wanted your approval
But you made me feel as if I needed it
It’s like we’re at a dead end, 
never moving forward.

Her  child is your prized possession
you’d never hold me like a trophy because
I’m not gold
I’m not shiny
I’m not looked at like I’m a million Rand.

I put my effort in
Now the balls on your court
I’m not asking to be your trophy
I’m not asking to be gold
I’m not asking to be shiny

I am your daughter
That’s all I’m saying.