Love’s metamorphosis

Written by: Jagang Sukma

Love unspoken, love that burns
Never gone, never wither
It lingers on every bated breathe
An invisible pain that never wane 
A distant dream
Fleeting from within
Here lies the scar so dead
So do I love, you say
Why the haunt is here to stay?
Appease, dear love
What joys lie in fearful sorrow?
For a shadow brings no harm to tomorrow
Love is a constant in the variables
Love is a change in the certainty
These two tales are apart 
A heart in stitches, once all tattered
A broken road, now amended 
No love is a kind unless we love selfishly 
So fret not, dear love 
This love we grow
Is ours to keep and ours truly
Never gone, never wither
Love forsworn, love reborn