I set my eyes on you

Written by: Jagang Sukma

The moment I set my eyes on you
I see faith boundless by words 
Bountiful and true
Albeit a bashful glance 
Once is enough
To look deeper down the path
Teaching me how to feel 	

Aye me a fool in a Mirage of fools
Darting through the labyrinth of vanity
Searching for the missing piece aimlessly
An elixir, a companion, a tempest of passion
There was no me in this foreign sea
There was no you, a lost pearl I fancied

For in you I see,
Faith and Hope that beaconed through me 
Forgive me for the testing time
Forgive my tardy mind
In this heart its love I seek

Deny me a road of tingling familiarity
Deny me a whiff of blissful serendipity
And life befalls my death sentence 
A seal of undiscovered adventures
A tragedy of soul: a hollow tenure 

And I have found today 
Love for sure, Love so pure 
As we walk hand in hand
Weaving fond memories
Braving Life’s adversities

You are
A chapter in completion

Five years down the road
The morning dusk lingers on...