Little Girl

Written by: James Chenevert

Little girl, little girl, you're Daddy's little girl.
I love you my baby, you are my whole world.
When you were born God gave me the right,
to love and protect you, to go forth and fight.
So I could give you happiness, a home and my love,
with all of life's blessings from God up above.
And when you grow older and look back on the years,
all of the memories, will fill you with tears.
Little Girl,
someday daddy will have to say goodbye,
and go to a new home up in the sky.
But when that day comes and you are left all alone,
you too will be blessed with a child of your own.
And at last you will see that you have, all that I had.
And all of your joys and sorrows,                                                                                    will make you think of me.
Your dear old "Dad"