Written by: Debbie Knapp

Friendship comes from the heart, is freely given with no strings attached or expectations. First and foremost you are a friend, one that I treasure. Appreciation and gratitude come to mind when I think of you!
I was given an opportunity to learn and grow all the while you encouraged me having faith there was nothing I couldn’t do. Yes, you saw something in me! You have given me a scrapbook of memories that I wouldn’t trade. I will always look back on these memories with heartfelt love. You see, I cherish you and the time we’ve spent together.
Decisions and paths traveled at times were difficult and at times I’ve stumbled. I have shed a few tears along the way; but always moved beyond the sadness to a place of gratitude so as to cherish the past! Loyalty and respect has warmed my heart finding you to be attentive and unselfish. Picking me up and dusting me off!
Friends are rare people that enrich our lives while allowing us to be different. They help realize our dreams creating a basket of riches while sheltering us from stormy weather with emphasis on love and acceptance. In my mind’s eye you have done this and a friend; first and foremost is what you will always be!
You helped when doors opened for me to walk through. You helped build a foundation while recognizing new opportunities for me along the way. I thought of you as I viewed what was on the other side. I celebrated the past and looked forward to the future. I walked into another opportunity; goals in mind ready for what gifts life had in store for me!
I knew each step on life’s journey I had you to thank for all you did for me and wanted you to know; you always had a spot in my heart. 
You; my Teacher, Confidant, and Friend!
                   Debbie Knapp.