Dream of you

Written by: Tiana Tillman

Loving your confidence, your 
ambition, your drive. want to 
be dominated by your power, 
but not lost in your eyes.  my 
king ..may i be by your side,  
your queen... stand against the 
test of time, a unity, a 
friendship, possibilities with you 
seem limitless. My strength, my 
rock..your protection shields 
me, your touch heals me, you 
are the epitimy  of what I've 
prayed for..other woman wish 
to be me... Have the chance to 
feel what I feel, be intertwined 
with your body as you gently 
caress mines. . Have me on a 
high, body taken over by this 
ecstasy that my soul can't 
deny. Gratify my body, ratify 
my mind, entangled in the 
satisfaction of what still is yet 
to come. I want to please u, 
appease u, relieve you of the 
daily stress. Only one thing..I 
DEMAND respect and nothing 
less. Respect my body, respect 
my mind, be compassionate 
with my heart, but don't waste 
my time. I want to feel your 
aggression..torture me with 
passion... Claim me as your 
possession. Mangled in your 
bedsheets,  accelerated is our 
heartbeats. Anything you 
want...I'll do willingly.  I'll do it 
all for you, just please don't 
deceive. Love me, but don't lie 
to me. Be a strong man,  but 
don't hide your feeling from 
me, I will never judge, if u cry 
to me, u are my man, my king, 
I only wish to uplift you, live up 
to what u expect from 
me...your woman, your 
queen..as long as we ride for 
each other every bit of 
happiness an longevity is in our 
reach. I wait patiently for the 
day when our paths do meet, 
when you are more than just a 
Dream to me.....