lonely and wrong

Written by: tifarrah miller

Its funny how even though i have friends i am alone. Even though i laugh with them eat with them cry with them an emptiness still robs me blind when i am with them. It whispers to me your no good for anyone. I believe those words as they chant themselves in my head. How can i not those words have lead me this. And then a wave of guilt rushes over me if i wasn't like this. If i wasn't me. Would i be less lonely. Lets try it. Lets dress up like we don't care. Lets curse someone out when we feel they have wronged us. Lets throw away all the pleases and thank you. Lets turn away from that self conscious that says you know we were wrong. Lets be dangerous cause its all for good fun. Then we will return back who to we are but this time around we will be lonely and wrong.