Debs Angels

Written by: Debbie Knapp

Debs Angels
Beautiful in color and personalities to match effortlessly they float along.  Lacey Veils long and flowing draw attention whenever they dart from place to place!
Sizes range from small to large. Both male and female drift side by side. My angels greet me daily, always happy moving swiftly to be closest to me. The lights now shine and highlight the colors making them sparkle. 
Their names all seem surreal. I picked them by their colors and personalities. Not one sounds of this world if you know what I mean! Their angels after all and deserve fitting names. Several times a day often times at night as well, I check on my angels to ensure all is right. 
My angels I do love and I know they love me too. We spend time together learning things from one another. I know what they like and what causes them distress too! My angels are special and their care depends on me. 
My angels, all eight of them live in a 120 gal tank. My angels are my fish. These special fish bring peace and joy to my life and in turn I ensure great health and peace to them! From babies to adults they have grown with personality and beauty each one. 
They are my angels bringing love and happiness. Today, I look for my angels and them for me. We greet each other with passion and continued hope for yet another day. These you see are Debs Angels!
                                                                                      Debbie Knapp.