The Clock is Ticking

Written by: Charles Gragg

The Clock is Ticking What a sad state of affairs Seems that no one in Washington cares The politicians know that they stink to high hell Yet they continue to do nothing to lessen the smell What happened to compromise as a possible solution? What happened to “country first” as the proper resolution? It would seem that those we elected to serve Put their individual party needs as those that deserve The next election is all they give a hoot about And they are deaf to the protests no matter how loud we shout But with the streets full of those taking exception The ground swell of protest takes on a new powerful direction Deaf dumb and blind the politicians may be today But the time is coming when they won’t have their way What they are doing to this country is a crime and that is a fact For destroying it from within is a treacherous act The choice is ours and we must take charge of our fate Act know, speak out before it’s too late. ©Copyright Charlie Gragg December 13, 2011