Written by: Kevin Presley

I wonder where you are; where you’re going, where you’ve been.
Pieces of you still remain; the dusty picture of the tree on the wall, 
the stained coffee pot that drips no more. Letters and pictures are all
I have and I sort through them seeking you from back then.
When I can’t locate you, an empty feeling grows from within.
I sit quietly in your chair telling myself I’ll make it through,
that I must find my way in this lonely, infinite world without you.
Your moving words and radiant smile hinder me from beginning again,
because the thought of something better than us is a ridiculous idea.
Chances are that you’ve moved on and don’t think of me anymore,
as I sit here holding on to hope that you’ll knock on our door.
 My head knows it won’t happen, yet my heart begs me to wait.
With memories to keep me company I’ll relish in what we used to be,
back before I was just an “I” and when you and me were a beautiful “we.”