Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Swept " 'Tis with heart heavy meownself so say~ That which doth trouble me then thus this day~ 'Twere she a schooner fine & so grand~ 'Twere not she longer in mind's eye demand~ I've swept me brow with turmoil~ Foundered me sets with gargoyle~ Rounded well Horn a'winter cold~ Naught whot ayre e'er thus bold~ She's a'down well nigh a'weather~ Runnin' now light as lost feather~ Smirk now a'from under 'er bow~ Alas! 'Tis e'er whot ayre a'blow~ 'Tis a'sea whot ayre 'er goal~ Akin mare & silliest foal~ Nay! Not yet cries voice below~ She with sea doth yet smoothly flow~ SeaWolf ©