Blamin' My Affliction

Written by: Natalie The Rogue Rhymer

I set out to write a poem
For Leighann’s Affliction contest
My ADD was in full force but 
I was full of promise and zest

So I wrote a couple of lines
Then noticed the grimy floor
Polished the dusty mantle
Gawked at the hot guy next door

I sat back down to write 
To focus and stay on task
O Wait…that new soap opera
And my cucumber face mask

Then I read the contest rules
AFTER I wrote these lines
It was supposed to be free verse
And my oversight shines!

Since I failed to follow directions
I say with true conviction
If I do not place in this contest….
I’ll  blame it on my affliction 

*Though I made light of it in this poem, Attention Deficient Disorder (commonly known as ADD or ADHD) is a serious disorder, but treatment is available.  Treatment (for you or your children) is not something to be feared-it changed my life!!!