Written by: Leonard Taormina

There’s no snow to be had around here;
But it is somewhat cold and I wonder;
What would it be like;
To be given the title of Grandfather.
I think it’s like;
Never having spoken the words;
Hello mother.
It’s not going to happen but I insist on;
Keeping my heart open;
And continue to believe.
     I’ve been in some bad places;
     Of course I was hiding in the dark looking;
     For somewhere to call home.
     Feeling so abandoned;
     Unwittingly hurting;
     Those that cared the most.
     I’m still paying for that;
     I hope forgiveness comes;
     When all of this is finally over;
     And I get to;
     That place I can call home

I’m keener on the getting to the end these days;
I do the best I can to offer a hand when I can.
I don’t blame anyone anymore;
Not even myself.
 I expressed my sorrows;
And confessed my regrets;
And in so doing;
I’ve come to know the gift of love;
That perhaps I never had coming before.
But perhaps that’s the way of it for us all
Therein my friends;
Like long ago before;
My time or yours;
From he and his;
Who had no easy beginnings also.
I wish us all; 
And joy.