Who are you

Written by: Sarah Casey


Who are you to judge me
with those sly selfish eyes-
the same ones that watched your mother die-
before you in your arms-
and while you wept, no one heard,
only you were at fault.

Who are you to judge me
when there's nothing left to judge,
after disintegrating my hope-
my soul-
after you manipulated my heart 
while juggling with my ego

Who are you to judge me
when you stand in front of me and spit on my shoes,
jealousy triggers anger,
but despising is a whole new level.

Who are you to judge, tear down and crush
after all these things happened to you.

So really who are you to judge after your own life was destroyed
and blame hits you a bit harder each time,
so who are you to judge when you don't know my name,
you know nothing about me,
yet we really are the same.