A Magician's Brainwaves

Written by: John Monteblanco

Record my voice and listen to my brainwaves.
I'm a dragon ready to tear up the sky, no lie, I'm two-headed with the mental capacity of a possum.
All I do is play dead and eat from the kitchen sink.
They tried to dissect both my brains, but all they found was a bag of pins and needles with an airbag on the side.
"He vanished" is what they'll all say.
My best trick yet, but I'm not done.
I'll make them remember my name, engrave it on their skulls, hypnotize them until I'm the one drunk.
I'll invade every channel on TV, rumors are going to spread like wild-fire, *poof* "he's back."
Sorry to say this, but I never left, I just took time off to go on the Straight and Narrow.