Peace Within

Written by: Stephan McBride

My mind was once pilled up as leaves being raked
being tossed around by the wind
with confusion causing deception
I wondered what is the  purpose of this life
entangled in everyday worries and strife
it must be something better
Therefore I began to search
I called upon Jesus
and everything I had learned from the world 
began to make since 
I was caught up in the world
blind to my surroundings
trying to make my own path
which would only be a maze not to escape
Jesus cut me loose from the cords of death
giving new knowledge to resist my
own desires and things which will fade away
and prepare one for eternal
kinship of love and peace
teaching to love as a child
before introduced to hatred and greed
to bring back the peace within
that only Jesus shall provide
laying all our burdens to rest
while we grow close and press forward
allowing the spirit to change 
one into a new creation
allowing the new thoughts to show
in our everyday walk
to nail the old self to the cross
to remain in this world
while our new temple shall rise above
In this day of the Lord