A Fork In Our Road

Written by: Ali Akl

We've known each other a long time
Our bond too strong to sublime
We are the example of friendship
Stuck together through the hardship
We've always had each others' backs
In each others hearts, we left our tracks
The bond uniting us is too strong
Giving us a sense we truly belong 
We belong to each other you and I
I don't know how, I don't know why
We've always helped each other
If we didn't meet, we wouldn't bother
Trying so hard to reach our goals
We set a flame to our sleeping coals
Working hard to what we aspire
Fighting for our own hearts desire
But my dearest friend I take my leave
That letter, didn't you receive?
The bond uniting us has been forbidden
Reason behind it, no longer hidden
We can no longer divide our load
Because there's a fork in our road