Go Away Dear

Written by: Ali Akl

Good evening my love
My angel sent from above
My love for you would never end
Even if I try to pretend
You will always be the one
Shining my life, a bright sun
You’re my jewel, my star
From you, I can never stay far
I wish we could stay together
Always and forever
But reality is mean
Killing me, cutting my spleen
Because honey we must depart
Our love must fall apart
Because they are insane
Wanting to cause us pain
They would never understand
They have the upper hand
It is a curse unleashed by fate
Us, it always did hate
For it was always in our way
Always leading the fray
But we will never win
Our love will always be a sin
I don’t know why
Honey please don’t cry
One day we will be free
Only us, just you and me
But for now I must go
My face I can no longer show
They will kill me I fear
I love you, but I must go away dear