Golden Autumn

Written by: Mari Nova

Mellow Autumn ! Golden Autumn !
I am greeting you with leaves fall,
Saying "Goodbye !" with a crane's song,
And, as usual, waiting for a winter
By missing you... 

The yellow leaves are turning above our heads,
Reminding us of the past.
Who are you in love with ? 
Who is your friend ?
You tell me only that.
Fly into my window as a little cloud
To be dissolved in silence.
And do not look for a reason 
To become my guest. 

Rustle ! Rustle ! Rustle ! Mellow, Golden Autumn.
You are so beautiful, Reddish Maiden Nude !
Don't be sad, Dear, because winter is so close,
The falling leaves will capture my memories about you...

I will catch the last sunny ray
And detain it for a moment.
I will drink you up, so juicy, to the very bottom,
As a tincture of happiness and love.
You know, the fall weddings are always happy
And last long, just believe me. 
I will wait for a winter
But my door will be open for you
The entire year...