A World in Peril

Written by: john freeman

Life’s subjects, the human beings having fallen… into their own bottom wisdom of passing from being… now seeking a solution within the crime of themselves. Seeking high IQ’s found within their own natural corruptions… great serpent spew. Woe unto the world of death’s back swirl… to no avail of the greed of the parasitic seed. Death’s highest IQs'… now spray the bitterness of serpent spews. Woe unto death’s high IQ when comes into view Love’s divine IQ… as Life’s high IQ transitions into view the principle of life anew, Eschewing human concepts biding them adieu. Lifting up the trumpet of the Zion of old... of olden scroll… IQs fading from view of serpent spew…true coming into view… biding death adieu, divinity’s lively IQ…. My happiness complete… being in the lifting up of the Master’s lovely feet… Selah Sponsor: Carol Brown Contest Name: BEING HAPPY