remember me

Written by: Germaine Pasley

when your darkest hour grows bleak
when your strongest breath grows weak

when you cant find any relief from the pain
when you wish for sun and only get rain

when your only prayer is done in vain
when your time has come to leave this plane

when you refuse to move from your own hell
when you deal with the devil your soul to sell


remember me and my love so strong
remember me and where you belong

remember us and our laughter to tears
remember us and erase your fears

remember me and keep your head high
remember me and I'll help you fly

remember us and all the joy we shared
remember us and that I've always cared


If you ever forget our love is true
remember me, and I'll remind you

**Germaine Pasley** sometimes we forget how much we mean to each other. I hope this poem is a subtle reminder to be thankful for our loved ones and never take them for granted, always always always remind them how much they are loved.