The First Day

Written by: linda smith

You, me, and joe,
alone in a crowd, we were.
The world closed off,
I only took sight of you.
Your verdant eyes
shining brightly as
you tell of your passions.
Your easy smile
livens the room,
blocking all else.
Your voice, musical notes,
ringing in my ear.
I am lost in the sensation,
this aloneness, I have with you.
The world disappears.
My thoughts turn deliciously wicked.
Ideas of us alone, together.
Your milky skin, hot
next to my own.
A wildfire alit between us,
burning brightly
engulfing our passion.
I feel your pulse quicken.
Butterflies racing in your stomach, 
as in my own.
A torturous pace I do take
slowly, deliberately.
We enmesh as one
unified in our quest.