I'm The Same Way

Written by: Jessica Arteaga

It's one am
in the morning
and I told him
I should get going
but he said
don't leave in a bind
We could sit
and drink some more wine

It's two am
in the morning
and I said to him
I'm pretty boring
we should just
turn on the t.v
He said why?
you're pleasent to me

and there I blushed and look down to the rug
the carpet-mesh, felt like fingers had sprung
my toes ceased tickles and my feet got numb
and in my mind, a loud thought had rung
my eyes averted; they won't be stung
but there I stood completely silly/dumb

It's three am
in the morning
and I whispered
I should warn you
I look really bad
awake in the day
and he laughed;
I'm the same way
I'm the same way.