Love Is

Written by: Stacey Behal

Love is unconditional,
Leaving a heart and soul feel full,
Understand what ways abide,
Knowing each puts time aside,
Love talks through actions,
With a touch to feel the transaction,
Stand tall through it all,
And what’s meant will always fall,
Into place with meaning,
With your hearts fire steaming,
Questions as a need,
Visions set to plead,
Where one should leave,
Their lives start to weave,
Becoming one to be,
Letting the cause see,
Stepping stones,
Growing bones,
Sprouting into all directions,
A feeling coming with many sensations,
Forever be or not,
Love isn’t just a thought,
Click start into a realationship,
Beating hearts; flip,
Heavy stones come through here,
Hold tight or it will tear,
Tears at the weak,
As our souls seek,
For that being to come,
Hold still for you’re lucky to some,
All wanting, needing this love,
As it all should start with our God above,
So lay low and be independent,
As something is coming your way it’s sent,
Move slow with each feeling,
And let them take lead as you start to sing.