Snowfall Season

Written by: Stacey Behal

It’s a glistening snow fall year,
As the coldness talks,
Eyes watch over the peer,
Through the park take walks,
It’s a glistening snow fall year.

The cities beauty lurks,
Outcome: scarfs, boots, and gloves,
The wind comes cold and jerks,
But the people buy gifts for loves,
The cities beauty lurks.

Every streets lights beaming,
As the people start singing,
The snows bright and gleaming,
The carolers share warmth by dinging,
Every street lights beaming.

Trees go up with power,
The little ones; each with smiles,
And the parents open up like a flower,
As Santa turns his dials,
Trees go up with power.

Mr. Clause uses his magic,
Going around the world through night,
Giving the strength for the tragic,
Flying fast out of sight,
Mr. Clause uses his magic.

For seasons come and go,
So cherish each and every one,
Get out seeing the houses glow,
Relax and enjoy the Christmas fun,
For seasons come and go.