Dana Dew

Written by: Debbie Knapp

Dana Dew
I’m here; watching over you the way I always do. I wonder at times when I watch as you will always be my Dana Dew! How often you have spoken to me, wishing that somehow I could hear you. Honey; I have heard every word spoken and even those you thought.
Things you don’t understand but know at times must be are my way of telling you; follow your dreams, listen to your heart. Things don’t just happen, you make them happen. I watch over you with earth angels ready to guide and reach out to you.
I’m here watching over you; no matter where you go. At times when you feel alone remember I will always be with you. Your whispers and prayers are etched in my heart. Only echoes’ of your voice softly ring! So whatever you do get up and do it as only you can. I’m here with you ready for what comes your way.
Coincidence and wishful thinking too; no nothing happens by accident. Dana Dew; I’m here watching over you. I visit and visited through another too. Bringing comfort and strength is what mother’s do. 
                                                 Debbie Knapp/Debbie Dew!