That day

Written by: Erin Nash

That day, I felt like being pretty
So I curled my hair and glossed my lips
I went to the beach and stood on the taupe sand
picturing a sepia backround of landscape and mystery.

That day, I could feel a presence on the shore where I was standing
Staring at my curls that were swaying in the wind
Staring like he knew me
Staring because he did.

I looked back at him in stun
And a flash of the past came soaring through my mind.
Our eyes were like soul mates
we couldn’t look away.

He walked towards me
Step by step inch by inch
And on the shore where I was standing
He breathlessly said. . .
“Time stands still”

That day, I left coincidences behind and considered fate,
On every fallen eyelash I’d wish to see that presence
But I never did because. . .

That day, I awoke from my dream