Honey Adhere

Written by: Stacey Behal

Honey flowing through the streets,
Gold makes each side as seats,
I arrived here with little strength,
With a story of a great length,
He took my hand so tender,
Took all my broken benders,
Lifted his name so high,
A breath let out; a sigh.
Finally made it,
Throne of His is lit,
Lit with a path chosen,
I stood there in shock; frozen.
Imagine a world so bare,
So bare of worry and only people who care,
All weights finally lifted,
All weights His; shifted,
One touch with need to listen,
One touch to help guide from sin,
For I’m an angel above,
I fly over all and share precious love, 
Needing all to see,
Wanting all to take Gods love and flee,
What is important is near, 
He’s giving a chance for you to share,
For above is a world so amazing,
Indeed we all made it, praise; sing,
Gave all to Him,
He gave forgiveness and his palace to win,
As I stand in awe,
I know my family will soon call,
All have their time to flee,
All have a choice to be,
To be a believer or walk astray,
Into the devils work; the devils play,
For I’m now an angel here,
Never again will I shed a tear,
Leave this as a lesson from me,
Deep down in your hearts a key,
A key to the gates,
A key the Lord loves; but darkness hates.
As I watch from your side,
Listen to the voice helping guide,
I want you here with me,
So the streets of honey and gold you’ll see.