Live Life Valuably

Written by: Val Flores

You know, some people base their lives on feelings of emotion; when they should live life in control, because when the day ends, it is by whatever the outcome is of each particular day it is up to the persons’ reaction whether it’s a day that going good or one that’s going bad to either get upset or happy; especially, when things go wrong during that day. Honestly, it’s tough to be cordial when life is going wrong. Yet, it’s that still small voice that stops you and allows your thoughts to gather into focus and realize that God himself sets all things in motion. He created each and every moment in time. And, he knows how the people that he created out of the dust of the air; are going to react and live each day given. So, remember that every time you wake up in the morning, it’s up to you in how you choose to start and end your day.