Who Will Be There

Written by: Jod!e Quintero

Where are you now? Are you here with me?
Watching and wondering where you could be.
Feeling your presence in the air that I breathe.
Lingering still, your light, hard to see.

If I call out your name will you answer the call?
Or will you remain in silence and hide from it all?
Do  you watch from a distance or observe from afar?
Or are you safe from the world behind an invisible wall?

If I reach out my hand will you save me from grief?
Or will you leave me alone still longing for peace?
Suffering in silence, dreaming of relief,
Or questioning everything I thought I believed?

As I look to the sky for more in my life.
Waiting for courage and for the light to shine.
I realize it takes more strength to hide,
Than to open my soul and let my heart breathe life. 

So if I let go, will you always be there?
To help me live in the light, free spirit to share.
With real feelings to feel, no more fear to bare,
To live my life wholly, this is my prayer.