A Journey So Fare

Written by: Janet Setters

A Journey So Fare Your time is near to fly home We never imagined it would come so soon We can never know the exact moment of when Just as it will always be Some things I do know, and will share It was an incredible journey for sure Brothers who cared for you and taught a young boy how to be a man Brothers and a sister to help you heal from the loss of your mother Fatherhood brought much joy and sometimes pain, Love all the same A successful career and a loving wife A tight circle of friends More like family than friends People who love you, and those you love We all shared the path of life at one point or another Even now with the end so near We are with you as you come to the end of this journey We cannot come with you on the next one You take our hearts, and our prays as you begin it No fear in your heart No pain to feel You go in the best of hands On a journey most fare So with a soft kiss and a warm hug We wish you God speed Until we meet again And we will meet again On our own journey so fare For my Uncle Charlie with much love!