Little Pleasures

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

I watch you sitting in front of the mirror,
As you sensually brush your hair.
Mesmerised by the dimples on your lower back
Which complements your lace underwear.

Your slightly arched back tells a heavenly story
As you hum an angelic song
Perfection and grace in slow motion
 Igniting my love so strong

I love to move your hair aside
Exposing the nape of your neck
To savour the smell of your aroma
To gently kiss and stroke and peck 

I love to tenderly carry you
To make love to you till sun rise
Till we both see heavenly places
Just to see the stars in your eyes

Then you sit in front of the mirror
Watching you drives me insane
Provoking me  to make love to you
Again, and again and again