who am I

Written by: jazmine brown

my name is what makes me it dosent change the person that I  am and have become 
you can hurt the inner feelings or destroy the outer apperance but my heart will always be the same 
For I stay the same in this world not a subject to your hurtful words 
Words dont describe me and my actions only show what i can be but not who i truly am

Only the true inside of a person can be seen from the heart not the outside looking in 
You my judge a book by its cover but never know the true meaning of it inside 
judge what you see and not what you hear for words are the thing that people think of me 

For I am more than mis judgement and the wisphers you may hear ear to ear 
for I'm person just as you with heart steadily beating and eye that can see 

My personality my be diffrent my look and skin color may never be the same but 
to say I am what people tell you 
then listen here to my heart 
I am just me