Stuck in Limbo

Written by: Nicholas Bello

Trapped behind these bars I grow anxious and continuously scheme For a way to get out. But this cage is extensive And its door is a long ways out. I try to squeeze through, but they constrict And ultimately I fail. I am strong but these bars won't bend. Its useless and I am spent There is no more fight, my flame-extinguished I am rationed-it keeps me weak Eyes strained and muscles sore I surrender. With eyes closed, I give in to this abuse Losing my conscious with every lash and lick. Then I wake up from that nightmare only to hit my head on an even lower cage ceiling And it starts again. But there is no door and I have no rations. The claustrophobia sets in, and the air is heavy. Like breathing in cotton, I struggle And loose feeling; due to the lack of oxygen My lungs stutter and protest but they can't be filled Hardly the energy to produce a tear, I blackout instead. Only to wake up, cramped in a stale box. Its quiet and I can't breathe. The only company I have is the sound of my heart. The beats are slow and muffled, as it desperately tries to pump blood. I still can't feel anything-But I think its cold. I've been suffocating for what seems like hours. Its been a week and my mouth is dry with dirt, I can no longer open my eyes. Its been awhile and no ones noticed. The sound of my heart has escaped my ears, I think its cold but i still can't feel. I re-live death, Stuck in Limbo
By Nicholas A. Bello